Stock Up/Down: Camp Edition (Offense)

It’s been nearly two weeks since the Philadelphia Eagles reported to training camp. Us fans have finally gotten a look at the sort-of “new-look” Birds since they were eliminated by the Washington Football Team back in January. At last, we’ve been able to see the newest additions to the Eagles and how they’ve performed — whether they’ve exceeded or fallen below expectactions.

Keep in mind, its not been long — teams just started reporting to training camp on July 28th. However, the Eagles’ first preseason game against the Steelers is just 4 days away. Training camp prepared the team’s young players for these moments to make their mark, to show why they deserve playing time when it’ll truly matter. Before this chaos begins, let’s take a look at how training camp impacted the “Stock” of several players.

Jalen Hurts – Stock Same

Jalen Hurts has had a very confusing camp to this point. It’d be an exaggeration to say he’s been bad, because he hasn’t…but at the same time, we can’t necessarily say Jalen has been good, either. He experienced a shaky start to camp, completing just 5/14 passes, but gradually got better until just recently; he had his worst day of practice, as did the entire offense. We continue to see some beautifully placed passes from Hurts, but it may be followed by him missing simple passes. Due to this unpredictable play, Jalen’s stock won’t be touched for now.

Nick Mullens – Stock Up

From what I’ve been hearing, Nick Mullens has looked good in training camp thus far; he’s impressed the coaching staff, but has certainly had his ‘bad’ moments. However — as far as I’m concerned — these mistakes are easily fixable, and likely confidence more than anything else. Point being, Mullens’ overall camp performance has been positive.

Miles Sanders – Stock Same

When healthy, Miles Sanders is a phenomenal back. That’s been established. However, during camp, his poor play in the air attack — an issue that’s seemingly carried on from last season — is very prominent (mainly easy drops). This is unacceptable, especially after he was very effective in this area during his rookie season. It cannot happen, but at the same time, it’ll certainly not be something that holds the Eagles back.

Jason Huntley – Stock Up

Jason Huntley’s supposedly looked really, really good in training camp. He’s flashed great speed in the open field on multiple occasions. There haven’t been any negative comments regarding Huntley, and by the looks of it, he can very well make the 53-man if he keeps up his stellar play.

Kenneth Gainwell – Stock Up

Rookie, Kenneth Gainwell’s also been looking spectacular, particularly in the pass game. He’s constantly been a factor in the air attack, and Hurts has reportedly been targeting him at times as well. Gainwell can also pose a threat when rushing the ball with his explosiveness. It seems as if the Eagles have found another gem in this crowded backfield.

Jalen Reagor – Stock Down

Jalen Reagor’s camp has looked…well, bleak, to say the least. It began with a failed conditioning test, though, he wasn’t in the best mental state either. However, Reagor hasn’t been eye-opening once his mental state supposedly improved. There’s been several wide open drops talked about by the media. The sophomore’s definitely had his moments, including a sweet catch over Slay in 1o1’s, but there’ve been far too many simple mistakes that outweigh the nice moments.

Travis Fulgham – Stock Down

Travis Fulgham emerged as a reliable pass-catcher for this Eagles offense during the 2020 campaign, but unfortunately his role decreased as Alshon Jeffrey became healthy. Now that Jeffrey’s gone, it was expected that Fulgham would make a leap and flash his true potential. While its unfair to say he’s been a complete non-factor, there have been quite a few wide open drops, similar to Reagor. Difference is — due to expectations — Fulgham’s stock doesn’t take nearly as big a hit as Reagor’s.

Quez Watkins – Stock Up

Quez Watkins has been one of the few bright spots in this young WR core. He’s been able to expand his game from just using speed to beat defenders to winning at the line of scrimmage more often. During one play, Watkins completely burned his defender, Steven Nelson, along with the entire Eagles secondary for a 40-yard bomb from Hurts; this was just one of the few eye-catching plays he made. Watkins must be doing something right to be getting this much appreciation from the Philly media. He seems very comfortable in the offense, and could be a critical pass-catcher for Jalen Hurts.

John Hightower – Stock Same

John Hightower’s most definitely had his moments during camp so far. He had a beautiful down-the-sideline catch on a perfectly placed dart from Jalen Hurts in 11o11 and has done well in individual drills too. Unfortunately, Hightower’s also dropped some relatively easy passes and has shown little effort in the run-block…his stock remains untouched.

Jordan Mailata & Andre Dillard – Stock Up & Down

Regarding the LT battle, it’s transparent now; Mailata’s seemingly gotten better and has performed better while Dillard has seemingly gotten worse and played worse; nothing much more than that. Mailata will — barring anything unforeseen — be the Week 1 starter for Philadelphia.

Nick Sirianni – Stock Up (Bonus)

Nick Sirianni has been doing an amazing job with this young Eagles team. On one hand, he doesn’t let players get away with silly mistakes, and is always in their ear if he sees something he doesn’t like. He keeps his guys honest, and that’s something we’ve lacked for quite a while. On the other hand, Sirianni’s always bringing positive energy when someone does something right. The players seem to respect him, and when your group has that type of mutual respect, it’ll almost always translate to the field.

If you made it this far, I appreciate it! If you had to invest in one of these guys’ stocks, whose would it be?

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