Sixers Bring In Sharpshooter Tyrell Terry For Interview

On September 31st, the Sixers announced that they brought in Stanfords’ sharpshooter Tyrell Terry for a workout and interview. I’ve brought up Terry before, and discussed how great he would fit into our squad, so its great that they made some initiative and brought him in. Reportedley, the communication between Terry and the Sixers were fantastic and they really got along. They really loved his skillset and what he could bring to the table, and as of now, looks like the #1 option at pick 21.

Tyrell Terry is a shooting guard from Stanford, and is an excellent shot creator ad shooter who can defend as well. The Sixers have been in need of that go-to shooting guy, and it looks like Terry could possibly fill that void. Terry had some pretty impressive stats this year, posting 14.6 points per game, 4.5 rebounds per game, 3.2 assists per game, and shot 40.8% from three. Obviously there are better prospects available, but Terry can fit very well with our roster construcution and be introduced immediately in the rotation. With fantastic facilitaters such as Shake Milton and Ben Simmons, Terry will definitely be given plenty of oppurtunities to showcase his shooting. The Sixers also hired a new coach in Doc Rivers, who can utilize his spacing and shooting especially well. If the rumors are true and the Sixers do in fact try and trade for Buddy Hield, Terry can shawdow him and develop a same type of role on the bench and produce that way for us as well. Either way, I think the Sixers hit the nail on the head when they interviewed Tyrell, and I really hope we see him in a Sixers’ jersey soon. Thanks for reading!

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