Potential Eagles 2021 Draft Gems, Episode 7: Cordell Volson

The one thing Philadelphia needs most this 2020 season is offensive line depth with experience. In the off-season, I have a fantastic option to stop this from occurring again in 2021.

Let me introduce you to Cordell Volson: the 6’7 313-pound right tackle from North Dakota State. The three-time national champion already has the mentality of how to win. Last season, he was a 1st Team All-MVFC and Hero Sports 2nd Team All-American.

What does he bring to the Eagles? Last year, in 724 snaps on offense, he allowed only a half of a sack. In the run game, Volson also helped contribute to the 4,601 rushing yards the Bison offense has in their championship season. That was 287.6 rushing yards per game. With that said, Volson has the physical tools to bring flexibility and can transition to being a backup left or right guard as well as tackle depth. With his aggressiveness, he will be a great help in the run game, which is always a perfect thing to have in place behind the unfortunate injury problems that they seem to have each season.

In the previous years, former North Dakota State offensive lineman have been proven to be able to last in the NFL. Joe Haeg, formerly of the Colts and now of the Buccaneers, Billy Turner, former Broncos guard/ tackle now with the Green Bay Packers, and lastly, the most recent one in Zach Johnson, the rookie for the Green Bay Packers who was a left tackle and right guard made the practice squad in this 2020 season.

If recent success proves to be correct then the Eagles should consider signing Volson as a higher level UDFA (undrafted free agent) after the 2021 NFL Draft concludes. Bison offensive lineman just seem like a no brainer at this point.

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