Can Mike D’Antoni be the next 76ers head coach?

After the Houston Rockets lost game 5 to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday to officially end the Rockets’ season, Mike D’Antoni stated “my wife Laurel and I announce that our incredible journey in Houston has ended for now and that we’ll be moving to a new chapter”. Since giving this statement to ESPN, there have been rumors that the Philadelphia 76ers have been eyeing Mike D’Antoni as a potential replacement as head coach after the firing of Brett Brown.

Mike D’Antoni has been the coach of a few teams including the Denver Nuggets as an assistant coach and as a head coach, Phoenix Suns as an assistant coach and as a head coach, head coach of the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Lakers and he was also the associate head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers for the 2015-2016 season. He spent 4 years with the Houston Rockets while winning Coach of the year in 2017. He also had won Coach of the year in 2005 with the Phoenix Suns.

For the past four seasons in Houston, Mike D’Antoni has worked on getting the offense to spread out and use pick and rolls a lot while shooting a lot of three pointers, he lets James Harden isolate and create space for himself with his dribbling skills then Harden knocks down the three pointer. The Philadelphia 76ers could try the with Shake Milton or Josh Richardson and with Embiid and Horford setting screens.

If the 76ers hire Mike D’Antoni as their new head coach, they’ll need to make some changes to the roster, Mike D’Antoni works best with shooters on the court. He spreads the shooters around the court with a high pick and roll with a point guard and a big man, a duo of Shake Milton or Josh Richardson and Joel Embiid or Al Horford would be great. Joel Embiid will have to work on his pace if the 76ers want to make this happen. Mike D’Antoni could be a great fit or he may not be a great fit. In my opinion, the 76ers should either hire D’Antoni or Jay Wright.

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