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Off-season Moves the 76erd need to do in order to be a top team


This is a move that need to happen now! He has been our coach for 7 years and all he has done was beat a 42 win Brooklyn nets. Which is not impressed because of the fact in game 4 we barely won the game. He has wasted all the championship talent we had. He has not made any adjustments when we were losing games. He has not made any good lineup adjustments at all and that’s just only a few bad things that this coach has done . This is the perfect time to fire him right after a first round sweep and bad bubble coaching

2. Trade Josh Richardson/ Al Horford

Now this is an interesting topic because Richardson has shown good games with this roster but he is not consistent. And Al Horford is our worst free agent signing in the last ten years. If we wanna clear any cap to make off season moves we have to get rid of the Al Horford contact he is overpaid and doesn’t fit the system. So we need to get rid of him for a smaller contact maybe even a bench player who can shoot the ball. Now Richardson like I said he is very inconsistent and if we can get rid of him to clear a little cap I will be fine with it maybe we can package a deal with the two players in it but it will be hard for a team to take that Horford contract

3. Fire Elton Brand

This might be a surprise but Elton Brand gets no passes either, let’s start off with the good. He has made good moves like traded for Jimmy Butler, Drafting Joel Embiid, and Signing J.J Redick. But he has made bad moves like signing Tobias Harris to a max contract, giving Al Horford 100 Million dollars, And drafting Markelle Fultz over Jayson Tatum. So with the inconsistency of his off season moves I wouldn’t mind to see him go for the better future and more consistency in the GM department

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