Sixers VS Celtics: What is Sixers main problem?

As we know, Sixers are playing Celtics in First Round. Philadelphia is losing 2-0 at the moment while Ben Simmons and Glenn Robinson III are injured. Sixers lost last game by 27 points. So the main question is, what is Sixers main problem?

First of all, let’s talk about our Head Coach, Brett Brown. At this point, he is our main problem. Like sources say, if Celtics sweep 76ers, Brown will lose his job. I think it will be better for Sixers to fire him. Why? Because he doesn’t tell Sixers to shoot, and if he forces them to, our players shoot faded shots. He also says that if he puts shooters around Ben and Joel, our team will be easier to defend.

Our second main problem is that our players don’t play with heart and effort. I think it’s very upsetting that team that has talent and potential doesn’t want to play. At this point, I am not talking about Joel Embiid, he tries his best but other Sixers players don’t put enough effort to win.

Everyone knows about Tobias Harris and Al Horford’s contracts. They are getting paid 298 Million Dollars together.(Approximately 61 Million a year) But in playoffs they average 19 ppg combined. I think it’s disappointing that we payed them this much money and they are not even playing that well. I think Tobias needs to step up when his team needs him the most.

Well, let’s hope that Sixers fix this problems and learn from past so they can play better in the future. Sixers play Celtics at 6:30 PM EST in Orlando,FL. Let’s hope they win!

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