What does Big Ten cancelling the football season mean for the NFL?

As you may know the Big 10 college football leauge canceled the football season, so what will this mean for the NFL and possibly the Philadelphia Eagles? President Donald J. Trump advised to NOT cancel the football season, but Big 10 still felt safe cancelling the season. But cancelling the season is not just a let-down for Big 10 fans, this could also stop college football’s biggest names from the NFL and the Eagles. Players like Trevor Lawrence of Clemson and Justin Fields of Ohio State will not be able to make it to the big stage. But this will possibly impact the Philadelphia Eagles just as hard as any other team. They will not have the position they need or the best prospect that fits them. They could obviously go to leauges as Big 12, but will no longer have the best of the best prospects that fit their team. Teams that need quarterbacks such as the Washington Football Team will not have the best quarterbacks they need for next years draft. These are the things that teams can do to make their draft go well: Improvise, make the best of their players now, and pick carefully among the lower divisions of college football. Thanks so much for reading this article, I’m Harrison Epley and I will see you in my next article.

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