What Calling Up Bohm Could Mean For Hoskins and Kingery

With Hoskins and Kingery struggling in the early goings of the season the Phillies have called up number one prospect Alec Bohm. It looks like Hoskins or Kingery could lose there staring job as Alec Bohm is starting of his MLB career hot. Girardi seems to trust Hoskins as he continues to bat second. He does not trust Kingery since he is batting ninth in tonight’s game against the Mets. As of right now Bohm looks a lot better than both Hoskins and Kingery.

Bohm could very well be a defensive liability at third base and first base so he could soon be just another DH option. If Jay Bruce continues to hit as well as he is that might not be the case especially if Hoskins and Kingery’s cold streak continues.

Alec Bohm could replace either Kingery or Hoskins very well, he could be well on his way to a rookie of the year award this season.

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