The Phillies Current Top Five Players

Who are the current top five Phillies players? I’ll tell you who I think makes the list today!

Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper

5: Didi Gregorius                                                                                                                                              Gregorius has had a fairly good time with the Yankees, many may argue that he had a bad season last year, but in reality the shortstop missed most of the season due to having Tommy John Surgery on his right elbow. Otherwise, he has a career batting average of .264, an OBP. of .313, a SLG. of .429, an OPS. of .742, and an OPS+ of 99. In his best two seasons, (2017 and 2018 with NYY) Gregorius knocked in 87 and 86 runs. He also has a solid amount of power averaging 20-25 homers a year, and around 60 extra base hits a year. Sure, his offense may not be elite, but it’s still good, and his defense speaks for itself.

4: Andrew McCutchen                                                                                                                                       The 33 year old McCutchen is for sure past his hay day, but he is still a very good major league talent. Before tearing his ACL in early June of last season, Cutch was hitting .256, with an OBP. of .378. He was slugging .457, his OPS. was .834, and his OPS+ was 115. After just two months, he already had a 1.6 WAR. Yes, many will argue that you can’t judge a player on just two months, but I still believe McCutchen still has a few solid years left in him. Maybe not all-star years, maybe not like his 2013 MVP season, but as a good lead-off hitter and outfielder.

3: Aaron Nola                                                                                                                                                       Nola had a bit of an off year in 2019, but many fans forget just how dominant he was in 2018. In 2018, he had an ERA of 2.37, but it was 2.14 through the end of August. He finished third in the NL Cy Young voting that year, just behind Max Scherzer and Jacob DeGrom. Though his ERA spiked all the way up to 3.87 last year, he still finished with the third-best WAR on the team last year at 4.2. He also started a league-leading 34 games last season, which shows you he’s durable. Haters will say 2018 was just a fluke, but plan on looking for Nola to be the Phillies ace for years to come.

2: Bryce Harper                                                                                                                                                    I know I know, you’re probably going, “How on earth is Bryce Harper not number one?” But If you look at the stats from last year, you’ll see that there was someone that had a better season than Bryce last year. I’m not saying that Harper was bad last season, but he wasn’t the best player on the team. Last season Harper was second in team WAR at 4.3, he hit 35 homers, and had 72 extra base hits overall. He also had a career-high 114 RBIs. If you’re going, “He didn’t hit enough homers last year, there were multiple players hitting over 50.” Then you’re wrong. Harper has never been a huge home run hitter. The most he’s hit in a season was 42 back in 2015. Other than that, Bryce has hit 20, 13, 24, 29, and 34 homers. Harper also had a .510 slugging percentage, an .882 OPS., and an OPS+ of 125. He was also very clutch last year with runners in scoring position. He drove in runs, was clutch, walked, and led the team in runs scored. So, if you’re still saying Bryce Harper is overrated, quit it. You just sound dumb.

1: J.T. Realmuto                                                                                                                                                Believe it or not, J.T. Realmuto had a better 2019 season than Bryce Harper. Realmuto led the team in WAR at 4.5, had a batting average of .275, an OBP. of .328, a slugging of .493, an OPS. of .820, and an OPS+ of 108. He paired that with 25 homers, 64 extra base hits (also 36 doubles which is an all-time Phillies catcher record), and 83 RBIs. He also played in 145 games, which is a tall order for any catcher. He also was breaking records behind the plate, as he threw out 47 base runners. Oh, and he also stole nine bases which led all catchers in baseball last year. No matter how you slice it, J.T. Realmuto is a five-tool player, and the best catcher in baseball.

Now that you have my list, what do you think? What does yours look like? Drop your opinion and your own list either here in the comments, or over on my Instagram (@philliesnews_) in the comments of my post about this article.

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  1. I fully agree with this list…as well as the list order. It’s nice to read about baseball during these times.


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