Adam Haseley, Potential Gold Glover in 2020?

If someone asked me to name one underrated rookie from the 2019 MLB season, my answer would be: Adam Haseley. Many people think that Haseley is an average at best player in the MLB, but we have to remember Haseley was only a rookie last year.

Last season, Haseley hit .266, with seven homers, and 28 extra base hits. His on base percentage was .324. Not great, but not bad. You have to remember that Haseley was only in the big leagues for about half the season, and is more known for his defense. Adam robbed two home runs last season, and posted a 1.000 fielding percentage in center field. No errors. Overall last year over all of his outfield positions he posted a .992 fielding percentage. Only elite fielders rank in the .990-1.000 fielding percentage mark. Now I know you could say he only played half a season and that probably did help him a little in his near perfect record in the outfield, but Haseley was only a rookie last year, and any rookie that posted a .992 fielding percentage should be considered an elite fielder.

Though Haseley is known for his defense, here he drives in the go-ahead run in the 8th inning of a game at PETCO Park on August 6th, 2019

There were only ten outfielders that had a higher fielding percentage than Haseley last year, Max Kepler (1.000), Robbie Grossman (1.000), Tommy Pham (1.000), Billy Hamilton (1.000), Brett Gardner (.996), Alex Gordon (.996), Harold Ramirez (.996), Jake Marisnick (.994), Nick Markakis (.994), and Mookie Betts (.994). Those are some pretty elite fielders that just barely beat out Adam Haseley in most defensive stats last season.

Since being picked in eighth overall in the 2017 draft, Haseley has slugged and fielded his way to the bigs in less than three seasons. Many people accuse Haseley of not hitting enough homers last season, but with a quick look at his minor league stats, you’ll see Haseley has never been a huge home run hitter. He always gets his base hits though, his batting average in the minors never dipped below .270. And averaging 4-7 stolen bases a year, he has fairly good speed.

I feel Haseley had a very good rookie season last year and he doesn’t get enough credit for it outside of Philadelphia. He is usually overlooked as one of the game’s elite fielders. The question is, is Adam a legitimate threat for the NL CF Gold Glove Award in 2020 (or 2021 depending on what happens with baseball this year) or not? I think he has a very good chance, but what do you think? Drop your thoughts either here in the comments, or over on my Instagram @philliesnews_, where you’ll see a post about Haseley today.

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  1. I agree Hasely has flown under the radar. Compared to other players, he’s received little attention and this is a great place for a player. Having little or no expectations means Hasely is free to rise to the occasion without pressure…and I think he will.


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