James Morgan – Developmental Backup at QB?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 07 Western Kentucky at FIUWhile not the most pressing need that the Eagles must address this season, backup QB behind Carson Wentz should still be on the team’s radar come the NFL Draft. Given how important the position is, and how Wentz has struggled with injuries throughout his career, bringing a young QB with a decent ceiling onto the roster could help the team if Wentz goes down. Besides, every team should be drafting late-round QBs anyway, it always good to take shots at the most important position in sports.

James Morgan could be the future backup that the team needs. Morgan is a strong armed QB who has operated an efficient offense down at Florida International University. During his final two years of college, where he started at FIU, he would throw for 40 TDs and 5,312 passing yards. He has gotten some buzz in NFL circles due to his arm, which is easily NFL caliber. He can make every single throw on the field and has displayed some amazing passes during his time at FIU. He is also very good when it comes to managing an offense. He works well within structure, does not make too many bad decisions within the pocket. He avoids pressure well and does not take many sacks. Overall, James Morgan has the physical tools to be an NFL starter, and some attractive qualities as a backup as well.

The thing with Morgan is that he needs developing. His accuracy and mechanics are a mess, and he makes some terrible decisions at times. However, given how the Eagles are not in current need of a starting QB, Morgan will have his time for development. Morgan can sit on the bench for his first few years as the team cleans up his mechanics and decision making, and groom him into a good backup. By the end of his rookie contract, the team will know if they have a good backup QB on their hands or not.

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