Phillies nearing 2020 Spring Training

Phillies are 20 days away from spring training. Are they ready though?

The Phillies have signed many players and lots of veterans to minor league deals but, who will be brought up to the big league roster?

In my opinion the guys that will make the roster right away will be Josh Harrison and Logan Forsythe. Forsythe was signed yesterday to a minor league deal. I think him and Harrison could definitely lead to depth in the infield. Possibly, Forsythe could definitely play 3rd base.

The Phillies are planning on playing the starters in the first game for a while. After that though they will only play a few innings to get warmed up.

Alec Bohm will be playing in spring training but he won’t make it to the MLB roster right away. He will most likely be brought up in June.

Well thanks for reading! Stay tuned weekly posts! Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Rip Kobe 🌹💛, and It’s a great day to be a Phillies phan!

-Philliesphan.01 on Instagram

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