Could Damon Arnette be a steal for the Eagles?

Damon Arnette

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The Philadelphia Eagles finished in the bottom have of the league against the pass last season. Going into the season I thought Sidney Jones, a former first round pick who hasn’t lived even close to his expectations when he was drafted and Rasul Douglas, who has shown flashes of being pretty solid corner and being a nice value pick from where he was drafted. Unfortunately neither one has been able to sustain any consistent success, and with all signs pointing to Ronald Darby wearing a different jersey in 2020, the Eagles should look for some depth in the 2020 draft.

A player I think is getting overlooked in the 2020 draft is Ohio St corner Damon Arnette largely in part because of his lack of size and his play may have gotten overshadowed by his talented teammate Jeff Okudah. Arnette is a very competitive and physical corner who seems to enjoy playing up in your face and going head to head. Arnette is a smaller, compact corner who wins with great technique and short area quickness and fluid hips to be able to turn and run with ease. Arnette also has very good instincts, whether it’s his ability to read and feel out what route the receivers running or reading the quarterbacks eyes in zone coverage and making a play on the ball.

Damon Arnette’s size is what scouts and other question and a reason why he’s not being talked about much. Arnette’s height will limit his ability covering receivers on the outside, especially the bigger ones with huge catch radius’s. Due to Arnette’s lack of size he’s going to be forced into the slot more than likely. Due to his physical nature, he does at times get grabby with receivers which can result in penalties if he doesn’t reel it back. Another thing I noticed with Arnette is that when in press he seems to cheat to the outside almost wanting to run stride for stride down the sideline, but results in him getting beat to the inside often.

I really think Arnette is getting slept on in this years Draft, his abilities and skill set are worthy of him being a late first round pick, but ultimately he will end up going mid-late second round. With still no proven corner on the Eagles roster, I think drafting a guy in Arnette who plays with energy and physicality, demonstrates very good technique and instincts and displays speed and short area quickness would be a very solid pick up for this team. Having two lengthy corners in Jones and Douglas and a quick, technical guy in Arnette who brings good energy every play could result in 3 good building blocks for this defense, given Douglas and Jones can both take positive strides in 2020.

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