Does Grant Delpit Fit The Eagles?

By Claudio Camarena

Throughout the season, the only player in the Philadelphia Eagles secondary that could be labeled as good was Malcolm Jenkins. Jenkins has started every game since joining the Eagles in 2014. He was the leader of the secondary for all those years, including 2018, the year the Eagles won the Super Bowl. But after spending 6 years with the franchise, he has regressed and it could be time to move on. Malcolm is a free agent and in a lot of press conference’s, it has been hinted that he might not return. If he leaves, who should replace him?

Grant Delpit was a big part of the LSU defense, team that won the CFB Championship. Delpit was labeled by some, the best player in the draft in the offseason. He hasn’t lived up to the hype, but he’s still a really good player, whose ceiling is the clouds. Grant registered 199 tackles, 7 sacks, 24 defended passes and 8 interceptions during his 3 year tenure at LSU. He has drawn pro comparisons to Jamal Adams, who we all know is an elite safety.

Grant might not be available at 21, considering the Cowboys and Broncos need a safety. But in many recent reports, it looks like those teams won’t be taking the LSU alumni. He would be an ideal replacement for Jenkins, especially considering the Eagles have had amazing Safeties for the last 2 decades (Brian Dawkins, Malcolm Jenkins and Grant Delpit [potentially]). And even if Jenkins doesn’t leave in Free Agency, Delpit would still be an awesome pick. Imagine a safety duo of Malcolm Jenkins and Grant Delpit.

Grant Delpit might not be available at 21, but if he does the Eagles should strongly consider him as an option. If Philly fans want him, they need to hope that the Cowboys don’t take him. I’m sure that if he ends up being an Eagle, their fans won’t be disappointed. Delpit can play anywhere in the secondary. It is fair to say that if the Eagles take him, they are getting Jamal Adams 2.0.

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