Flyers need more production from Top Guys, especially JVR, Hayes, and Voracek

After these last two games against Ottawa and New York, it’s obvious the Flyers need more production from the veterans on the team, mainly Voracek, JVR, Hayes, Ghostibehere, and even Giroux.

Voracek has not been playing good all season and needs something to get him going, with 0 goals in his last 10 GP. Van Riemsdyk has had his squirts of chances in some games, especially against Ottawa, but he has struggled defensively and has 1 goal in his last 11 GP. Hayes has been very good on defense and especially the PK, you can’t really expect much from a 3rd line guy, but for what he’s being paid, he has to produce more. As of right now he is on a 30 PT pace, and has 0 goals in his last 11. Giroux has had some really good games and has had a bevy of chances.

One of the reasons I think he is not producing as much is the constant switch in line mates(which is not a bad thing, helps get the team going), and the right side of the PP does not help him at all. It gives him no lane for a shot and forces him to pass. The line of Konecny-Couturier-Lindblom has been their best and most consistent line all year. Last night they switched up that line against NYI, putting Joel Farabee on that line, and on all 3 goals that line was on the ice.

Couturier got the 1st goal from Lindblom, Provorov got the 2nd on the PP, and Lindblom in 2nd, the Flyers had a 3-0 lead and went on to lose 4-3 in a SO. Brian Elliot was amazing in my opinion, keeping the Flyers in it even though they had a 3-0 lead. The Isles had a lot of chances in all 3 periods and the Flyers were lucky to be up. If the Flyers get production from the best I mentioned above, they’ll be a scary team, but how many “ifs” can we take?

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